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Monday, December 23, 2019

Hans & Maria christmas beauties

It is somewhat peculiar fact that every time (four times to be exact) I looked stunning in 2019 were all work related. During my free time I tend to look pale, tired and with designer bags under my eyes. However this all changed, when I met my colleagues in Helsinki together with four professional hairdressers/make-up artists. Of course that was not even enough, because this all happened in fabulous hotel suite.
Yes, we are that extra! 

This is a sneak peek how I looked after professional hairdresser upgraded me:

We are going through work related divorce,
which meant that gifts were in order (and I think they like it or faking really nicely):

The glasses were never empty:

Chips + make-up + suite = what a day to be alive!

I only share my bed with fashion gems:

That time when I pulled my tummy in and could not breathe:

Everyone had 40 minutes glam time and smiles fulfilled the room:

I jumped on the bed, but my air time was short due to winter insulation on my body:

It's a Lithuanian thing:

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Linkedin profile update: DONE

This is how Lithuanians and Latvians pose:

This is how Estonians pose (you cannot sit with us):

She is whispering into my ear dirty little marketing secrets:

Then these fabulous ladies left the suite to attend the Christmas party.
We were so ready: 

The party theme was après-ski and he nailed it:

A lot of hours, food, drinks and dancing later it was time to go home.

The day after I did my Christmas shopping and came back home.
Unfortunately this might have been one of the last times I visit Helsinki (yes, I am that dramatic):

Sometimes divorce, but always close.

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