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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Wilma Circus in February 2020

Let my February flash in front of your eyes.

I will just put 18th of February randomly here, 
since I refuse to make 1st of February ugliness into a cover photo: 

1st of February
Mrs. Sausage walking the dog in heavy rain
(damn, you climate warming):

2nd of February
I changed my gym membership and went to a yoga class,
which made me zen and sore:

3rd of February
I throw my hands up in the air sometimes 
sayin' ayooo and scream "Hell, no!" :

4th of February
Fred was cooking and I was good looking (and absolutely useless in the kitchen):

5th of February
Fulfilled some work related task for 14 hour straight,
but luckily that sequin dress drew off the attention from black circles under my eyes: 

6th of February
At work I was full floral...

6th of February continues
.... but after all that colour I changed back to black on black on black:

7th of February
Finally sun, minus degrees and little snow in the evening,
or in other words it was the second day of wearing my winter boots during 2019/2020 season:

8th of February
That sexy beast slept 11 hours and had donuts for dinner:

9th of February
On Sundays boys usually go to the countryside,
so my ME-time consist of killing enemies in Ancient Greece, booking Airbnb for my next trip
and little yoga (it was my second time there, so let's call it a tradition)

10th of February
My dog didn't believe my fake hype:

11th of February
That day I noticed the longer daytime, blossoming snowdrops
and willow catkins. It felt like I had, yet again, survived something big:

12th February
The happiness the day before was not left unpunished,
as I was gifted with massive migraine, panic attacks and emotional wreckage
(the dog was ready to call the ambulance "Yes, this is dog speaking, my owner is a lunatic"):  

13th of February
Had a massive pain hangover from the day before:

14th of February
On Valentine's day I was emotionally sensitive and had notable water retention,
so could only wear loose clothes. How very romantic of me!
Fred was thinking here how quickly he could get an divorce, 
but got a laugh from "That 70s show" instead:

15th of February
"Take some more, kids" breakfast at my grandparents
aka blame your farts on the dog:

16th of February
My brother moved in with a girl (!) and we had a family celebration because of that.
Later on I invested my SportID into my body fat:

17th of February
It seems that I learned the "kawaii" peace sign and
was trying to show off:

18th of February
Hello, pillow-face! 
Stormy weather, home alone, rough night and early wake-up:

18th of February continues
At work my toes were sandy and my dress was pink.
HOW EXTRA AM I? (Meisi Volt did the pic):

19th of February
The fashion inspiration came from day before from the sandy tones.
Otherwise, it had been a good week:

20th February
When you touch your neck, you get more confidence.
Also, when you go to Vapiano, then you meet Swedish Vilja with her baby (!):

21st of February
Friday and plans to go out dancing,
but prefered late night talks with Norman instead:

22nd of February
Stormy weather and Western Estonian was flooded.
Northern Estonian chilled at Fotografiska and ate at a restaurant – 
great example how to act during crisis:

23rd of February
Looked like a torpedo and went to a see a basketball game:

24th of February
Estonian independence day, hence the skirt.
Cold country side house, hence the knitted accessories:

25th of February
After long weekend trying to remember the password to my work computer:

26th of February
Woke up early to take an early morning gym class, so 
I could tell you that I am healthy and stuff. 
But actually the skinniness and never ending legs are made by wide angle camera lens:

27th of February
Coronavirus lands in Estonia and surprise snow welcomed us in the morning.

28th February
Fred escaped to the South to put his snowboard into use.
While I looked out from the window and wondered what cookie to buy:

29th of February
That extra day that usually does not exist in the calendar.
On that magical day my camera broke and I got sick. Better luck in March.

During year 2020 I have not repeated any outfits (exect underwear).
My wardrobe usage has been more efficient than ever and my supplies still go strong.

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