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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The funeral of 2020 - avoided crowded parties, yet still dressed up

New year, same me. Because I'm always getting more and more awesome without even pushing it. 

I did my fair share of recap of 2020, but now it's time to share the most quietest New Year's Eve I have ever had. Avoided crowded parties, yet dressed up anyways. Fred and I enjoyed quality dinner and rediscovered the art of TV during the big night.

Not promising to get thinner or healthier (2021 will be other way around), just enjoying the ride:

As we had just moved in to our new home,
Fred duct taped the TV on the wall, so I could jam with my ladies:

How Estonians celebrated the Brexit:

Long live deviled eggs:

It was almost midnight and bitch felt like Beyoncé:

Look at this lady rolling on the bathroom table:

Something you don't want to wear in the airport, going through the metal detector
(remember we travelled in the past?):

Käime kokku, käime kokku
Nagu Saaremaa ja tuulik
Nagu Pärnu linn ja muulid
Nagu püstolid ja kuulid
Nagu Roosma ja Tuuli
Nagu saksofon ja huulik:

Years go by and I still buy that Blossa annual glögg.
Can't drink it, but holding it is fine (every year): 

Kissed my husband, kissed my dog and there was no one else nearby:

Šarik didn't enjoy the situation,
he was like "STHAAAAPPPPP":

Of course they didn't stop.
Some teenagers blew up apples in the courtyard, oh the youth!

Then I started to celebrate the hangover
that I would not have the next day:

Missing people and parties,
but the quality companionship will do for now.

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