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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in March 2021

The month of parental leave, the country lock-down (yet again), Ever Given memes 

1st of March
Looking at the mirror and analysing myself,
however without glasses I cannot see much and the evaluation might not be accurate:

2nd of March
Judging people, who do not respect the social distancing rules, on my balcony:

3rd of March
I look sexy in those slippers:

4th of March
Bitch has tonnes of disinfectant liquid and is using it with outstanding excitement:

5th of March
The wrong size Kendrick Lamar T-shirt is finally correct size: 

6th of March
Running out of ideas where to take photos,
because we are at home 24/7:

7th of March
Freaky-deaky feet fetish at its best:

8th of March
International Women's Day & nonalcoholic Nudist Princessa:  

9th of March
Doctor said I'm not fat anymore.
It was a great day.

10th of March
ALMOST forgot to take a picture.
So this is me and Gilmore Girls:

11th of March
My last day at work and Fred's last day as a 29 year old.

12th of March
The hotel lighting and Fred's birthday made me feel beautiful.
I mean, yes I'm preggo, but I'm still hot piece of ass:

13th of March
Dido & Eminem - Cleaning out my closet:

14th of March
I'm dreaming of a decent haircut:

15th of March
First official working day without having to open my computer, without any duties.
Let's just say that I was busy doing nothing.

16th of March
Fuck the back pain, let's walk a little:

17th of March
Drink water and stay hydrated:

18th of March
Not being able to meet people means that 
Šarik is my BFF, psychologist and a personal trainer:

19th of March
Dressed up like a 12 year old boy:

20th of March
This duck faced lady invades his husband's office time after time, 
because she is just that bored:

21st of March
Roadtrip to Haapsalu. Warm tea in thermos. Delicious Kärme Küülik pizza.
Safe yet fabulous:

22nd of March
I swallowed a whole watermelon:

23th of March
Overexcitement! The spring coats are out of hibernation:

24th of March
Looking at all the baby clothes E&L gifted us,
bitches be ready:

25th of March
The first day in 2021 with sunglasses on.
Oh, the shade!

26th of March
Looking good, feeling good:

27th of March
I usually support coming out,
but not when it comes to my belly button:

28th of March
The spring season is opened by Crocs:

29th of March
I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my bones.
The baby is giving me some hard times and me bouncing on a ball is all the joy I have:

30th of March
Puke. Headache. #blessed day:

31st of March
My pyjamas bring all the boys to the yard:

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