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Monday, May 31, 2021

Wilma Circus in May 2021

In May I stopped being pragananant 
and turned into MILF instead.

1st of May
International Labour Day.
No labour occured on my part:

2nd of May
At first I planned to stay in bed the whole day and not participate in life,
but dragged myself out to watch Formula 1 race (?!).
I was completely losing it:

3rd of May
Look at this fashion icon inspired by Charlie Sheen bowling shirts.
I just added some unexpected accessories:

4th of May
Fred really wanted the baby to come out on this day, so he could scream "May the Fourth be with you".
However, the Doctor killed those dreams. So I put on my faux fur coat and cruised around the town with a electric scooter while heavily pregnante (hoped for the baby to drop out).
Fuck plans, be glamorous:

5th of May
Instead of "Hello", I had to answer my calls "Still pregnant":

6th of May
I puked on the dog. 
My accomplishments are true inspiration to the humankind:

7th of May
Haiku about getting out of bed:
no, no, no, no, no
no, no, no, no, no, no, no
no, no, no, no, no:

8th of May
Feels like I am the only Estonian who is not sponsored by Wolt.
I have to pay for my food myself, such a peasant (no aboutyou code either):

9th of May
The veins on my hands will do the talking:

10th of May
Heatwave and 16 000 steps
aka I held back my venom and actually had a lovely day:

11th of May
I was briefly admitted into hospital, but was kicked out shortly after that due to overcrowding.
Unplanned freedom? Didn't mind if I do:

12th of May
The amazing weather opened magical door in my wardrobe.
OPTIONS, I haz them!

13th of May
Bye, bye! Checking in to premium spa hotel:

14th of May
The spa treatment offered ultimate detox procedure that wasn't a pretty picture.
So here is gourmet food instead:

15th of May
The pear was fine:

16th of May
What's on the menu?
Loads of medicine supported by water and Oatly chocolate milk:

17th of May
Dieting is when you eat food that makes you sad:

18th of May
The dessert looked like poo (and tasted like it too)

19th of May
It tastes plastic and it's fantastic!

20th of May
Herring butter?! I mean, herring butter?!
This is pure evil:

21st of May
The spa didn't do miracles with my body,
but damn it feels good not be pregnante (damn, it felt good to be home):

22nd of May
Despite all the scary and new, I'm drinking choco milk cocktail (Oatly the true MVP) 
to celebrate my birthday. The dirty thirty got the ultimate gift – 
the Eurovision final on her birthday (JA-JA-DING-DONG):

23rd of May
The flower courier service had to do some extra shifts, 
because people sent me consolidation gifts since Switzerland didn't win:
#blessed #old #pushgift:

24th of May
A new peak in life – met up with friends to have a walk around the block with baby strollers:

25th of May
Two very pooped parents:

26th of May
My hands are praying that someone would take the Christmas lights down:

27th of May
Despite sleepless nights and fragile state of mind,
bitches love spring:

28th of May
G-Force and Wilma celebrating their 30th trip around the Sun:

29th of May
Collection Of Style store was opened in Tallinn
and this vain woman made more mirror selfies than should be allowed:

30th of May
Dreaming about that "Baby user guide" that never arrived:

31st of May
Maximum adulting day, since Fred went back to work.
My meditation technique is "Freaking out 101":

Yes, it has been an interesting month.

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