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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Wilma Circus in April 2022

Trying to give you my current life update: imagine sitting at a restaurant hungry, the wait time is horrendously long, yet suddenly you spot the waiter approaching your table with your delicious food. That emotion. That enjoyable buzz. That's how I'm feeling.

Finally digging the maternity leave extravaganza
(a.k.a. zero fucks, zero steps and zero need to justify my laziness:)

1st of April
All jokes aside, 
scanning if the air is filled with baby fart, dog fart or big human fart:

2nd of April
I see your Coachella and raise you
Me Myself and I – the Home Alone Festival (loving it):

3rd of April
I love the sound of dishes washing themselves:

4th of April
Promoting my shyness by wearing neon clothes:

5th of April
Twelve years of arguing how long one should boil a perfect egg
(not an infertility joke, but works both ways):

6th of April
The CEO of Meals on Wheels:

7th of April
The updated version of me.
I'm Windows 98 and she is macOS Monterey:

8th of April
The secret of great relationship?
Eat chips in bed and buying separate bags so you don't have to share: 

9th of April
Brush your teeth, comb your hair – it's date night.
1. First we eat:

2. Instead of making drama, let's watch drama (premiere):

3. Let's end the night with hugging Härra Lavastaja:

10th April
I borrowed too much energy from the day after.
As the day after arrived, I was left with massive debt:

11th of April
The greatest joy is to dress Pebbles.
Now we have stepped one level further as she started to show interest towards my closet
*crying happy fashion tears*:

12th of April
This a real footage of eye infection hitting hard.
American sit-coms call it a pink eye, bearing a nasty sexual undertone, 
like it happens only when a penis pokes an eye out. 
Actually, the infection is rather dull, 
I just woke up with swollen eye and no will to live (no penis involved):

13th of April
Pebbles is like "WTF, why you look like that?!":

14th of April
Four generations of tough women:

15th of April
Look at this Wilma looking at the camera again,
and look at this Šarik showing his best features at the camera again:

16th of April
May your Easter be as festive and colourful as your Gay Uncle's wedding:

17th of April
Even if it means waiting ridiculous amount of time, 
we still take the elevator to ride only one floor.
The legs are made for chillin':

18th of April
Sausages and sunshine:

19th of April
Even crocs cannot make me unattractive,
I'm one hot piece of ass:

20th of April
Being far from home means wearing hidden wardrobe gems packed in boxes
and taking a quick ride to the thrift store to buy random baby onesie 
so Pebbles can eat soil in peace:

21st of April
After spring cleaning my archives, I donated massive amount of clothes,
but this Power Couple will always stay with me:

22nd of April
Nothing says "Honey, I'm back home" like crisps, no pants and Formula 1:

23rd of April
Go ahead and roll your eyes so hard that you can see your own brain,
but the Circus family is using #blessed loud and proud:

24th of April
My granny thinks I should repair my broken clothes:

25th of April
The day of zero fucks, zero steps and zero need to justify my laziness:

26th of April
Baby food as natural as my childbirth experience was:

27th of April
Us again, on a bench, nothing changed.
Suva päev, pool ükskõik:

28th of April
Although I now realise that ANTM was the most toxic TV show ever,
the 'menstruate cramp fab' pose is Tyra's gift to the humankind:

29th of April
I'm on a maternity leave, don't expect anything else but cute family pictures:

30th of April
Šnelli tšill

To Fred
I love you
Twelve years and counting
This shit is amazing

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