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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wilma Circus July 2022

These random monthly recaps serve as a remedy for my mental heath. Therapist approves.

However as I am going through some rough times, I see myself losing the will to conduct these posts. The picture pile up until I force myself to work them through. It's always a bumpy start, but in the end it's rewarding. 

July has been a true shitstorm. After the sadness has absorbed me, I look at the recap pictures and the weddings, random happy moments and #koorekiht emerge. This makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, I am able to survive this.

1st of July
For safety reasons the tram was standing still 
and for fashion reasons the ladies were Vogue:

2nd of July

3rd of July
First comes love, then comes marriage
and them comes baby and a dog in a different carriage:

4th of July
Walking on sunshine with poopy bags:

5th of July
Cancelled my mom duties to do some socialising with adults:

6th of July
Spoiler alert: Pam-Pam is now a mom-mom:

7th of July
Enough with social interaction, not using my vocal cords for 24h:

8th of July
When Sweden meets Pebbles:

9th of July
We love the sound of rain pattering outside the window,
because it sounds like bacon frying:

10th of July
Zoo and Heidi Klum's seal:

11th of July
Life is a picnic with Nummi:

12th of July
Remember this short legged handsome? 
Despite losing his hearing, Šarik is one good boyyyyeeee:

13th of July
Fred the business man was on a business trip and first time I was alone with the baby overnight.
Not fun. Not Easy. Losing my mind:

14th of July
The battery was running low, but fake it until you make it:

15th of July
First I was jumping, then I lifted my leg up.
During the third day alone, I just laid there on my back:

16th of July
All you single parents out there, massive respect:

17th of July
The Fred returned and the family is relived:

18th of July I
The parking lot squad:

18th of July II
The balcony squad:

19th of July
Green big leaves, the traditional story about where newborn babies come from.
And I found one: 

20th of July
Vilja, Vilja, kunagi blogi jätkata pole hilja:

21st of July
The tram terminates here.
Maybe or maybe not we sat there, at the station, almost two hours.
Like in life, we don't have a proper destination:

22nd of July
Tried to be Greek goddess, 
but cannot hide my Estonian peasant genes:

23rd of July
OÜ Koorekiht advisory board meeting:

24th of July
The birthday BOYYYEEE,
the farm GÖÖÖRLLL:

25th of July
Accidentally I didn't end up at home
so same underwear and pants was a must (maybe I haven't brushed my teeth either):

26th of July
When you walk in the park and stumble upon other Momagers:

27th of July
When life sucks, I stay in my kimono:

28th of July
Rehearsing the DJ set for the day after:

29th of July
Ignored self-pity and low energy
and became fabulous for Ottomar's wedding:

30th of July
The flower bed is full of adorable blossoms.

31st of July
When life continues to suck, I will not change my clothes:

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