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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Wilma Circus December 2022

24 months straight I have taken a photo every day.
Slow clap for Wilma.

1st of December
Look at my bitchin' advent calendar:

2nd of December
Evening at Barbarea. Good company, terrible service.
As an 'apology' we got free bread, each. 
Sometimes lose, always win:

3rd of December
The health state of my body = can still touch my toes, so good, I guess:

4th of December
After the parental leave is over, I'm going to miss doing nothing:

5th of December
The only thing blooming during the dark winter is my sweater:

6th of December
Hello, Disney+ subscription.
Hello, non-stop Golden Girls marathon:

7th of December
Fred does not need gym membership, 
he has us:

8th of December
Perfect flex = we have the greatest Christmas tree in the neighbourhood: 

9th of December
Starfish doing snow-angels: 

10th of December
Sleepy gets his name from his perpetual drowsiness:

11th of December
What's cooking, good-lookin'?

12th of December
The snowstorm Birgit hit the grounds
and it was better amusement than the TV:

13th of December
It was a tough day for short-legged Šarik:

14th of December
We clean the closet together, we pick the outfits together.
Without any pressure, I hope Pebbles will enjoy my wardrobe:

15th of December
How does a perfect day look like?
It starts with IKEA meatballs...:

...and ends with little brother coming home from the land of Far Far Away:

16th of December
TOTSIDE JÕULUD at it finest:

17th of December
After the slumber party, we walked the wine away:

...and in the evening, I went to the antique store and ate some popcorn:

18th of December
After all the socialising, our batteries were empty:

19th of December
Look at this lady with gym membership (but she hasn't been to gym in months)

20th of December
Fringe or no fringe? Should I cut my hair?
The pointless inner monologue that does not take me to anywhere:

21st of December
Look at this artsy culture lover.
Office Christmas party at KUMU:

22nd of December
The Guncle bought dark skinned doll for Pebbles,
so she wouldn't grow up to be a neo-natzi: 

23rd of December
The brothers and the daughters:

24th of December
Our mental health was empowered by the decision 
to spend the Christmas Eve with only our small family: 

25th of December
The hetero cringe:

26th of December
Our holidays were sponsored by Disney+:

27th of December
If you cannot handle me at my worst,
you don't deserve me at my best.
(inimvare pärast jõule):

28th of December
KUMU, one more time!:

29th of December
Ignoring the symptoms was a mistake and I fell totally sick.
So sick that Fred slept on the couch.

30th of December
Sick = body saying I'm too awesome and I have to slow down, 
so others can catch up:

31st of December
Strong Cirrus medicine in to stop the watery eyes and runny nose.
A quick shower, family dinner and a nap time all the time:

Bye, bye 2022:

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