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Friday, June 23, 2023

Wild-wild west Midsummer's Eve at Songland

Two of our close friends started dating. Then they took out a mortgage to buy the house. And now they are expecting a baby. In other words, they are kind a serious (and cute).

On Midsummer's Eve they invited us over and only cowboys were let in from the door. 

The sheriff and her right hand:

Patrolling on my turf:

He killed a cow once:


The Swingers (Birgit Õigemeel couldn't come):

The cow-boots make you fly: 

The band.
The authors of the coolest song "Kolm käiku":

They started from London, now they own the Songland:

Your ordinary Boiler Room:

On our way home to Haapsalu, the hippies couldn't resist:

We are in bloom:

The fastest guns in Texas:


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