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Saturday, July 22, 2023

The summer vacation of 2023. The Estonian Hamptons.

As I make my return to this blog, it's Fred's first workday after 4 weeks of vacation. And what an amazing time we had! Despite me being unemployed (hello, redundancy) and Fred ending his vacation with a bang (hello, traffic accident and arm cast of 6 weeks).

Although Euribor knocks on our door and I have no idea what future will bring – it's the first enjoyable summer as a family of three. Two years ago I was in a postpartum deep hole and last year's summer was utter faux pas. Day by day life with Pebbles becomes more wonderful – I love her and Fred so much.

Ok, now back to the story. Once again the family of Müürivahe opened their Haapsalu doors to us. They take better care of us that our blood relatives. Thank you!

How was life at the Estonian Hamptons? We ate kreemisai, we swam at Väike Viik, we read books, we cycled, we made a lot of naps, 
we enjoyed life.

The moment in Tallinn when we said "Let's go to Haapsalu":

Pippi is moving into Villa Villekulla:

The most enjoyable thing is to ignore gravity:

My body acts differently after 7PM when Pebbles is asleep:

To go out to play or to go out to play?

In this context falling into her level
is something very fun and positive:

Raise your hand if you want to go swimming:

Rabbits and their carrots:


Loyal lovers of Prisma: 

Daily commute:

Flashed some white skin that acts like a reflector:

Sand cakes and lots of it:

"I want to listen to you but I'm thinking about snacks":

The moment we see Müüriääre bakery kreemisai
I start smiling and Pebbles starts running:

Stairways to heaven to lunchtime naps: 

You are smart. You are important.
You are one of a kind:

What happens at 7PM when Pebbles goes to night sleep?
Fred and Wilma have a romantic date around town sponsored by baby monitors:

Go home hippie, 
your Woodstock is over!

Sunsets, kisses and self-timer photos:

The breakfast of the champions:

Morning swim keeps him fresh and sexy:

"When did you get back your pre-baby shape?"
The answer is I still haven't. However I still look hot as fuck, 
just my XXS era clothes still haunt me in the closet:

These Cinderellas don't need shoes or princes: 

The land of raspberries:

The theatre of Pebbles and Bears:

Her future is so bright it burns eyes:

A new Greek restaurant opened in Haapsalu.
We send pics to our Greek friend and he gave the place his blessing:

The seafood lover extraordinaire loved the food:

Too soon for liquid Aperol Spritz.
Just the right time for the Aperol Spritz pillow:

What is this face? It's 7PM face 
(sorry for the repetition, but I love our routine):

Sexy date night?
Or just sitting next to each other without exchanging words. Bliss:

Morning keefir makes us strong:

The tourists forgot to pack rain clothes, 
so a quick trip to Humana was a must:

Wilma and Lembit in bed together:

The designer prefers colours:

The Little Lock Nessy monster:

Super turbo taxi ride:

Slow morning, no rush, no clothes:

Fred is really strict with one rule: no balance wheels.
And that makes Pebbles soon ready for Tour'd France:

One has Lembit Ulfsak,
the other has Astrid Lindgren:

The wheels go round of Väike Viik,
round and round:

Here in Haapsalu Pebbles is safe and I can truly chill:

Little kõrrejook never hurt no one: 

Told her about the crazy parties we had here few years ago.
She was like "Eww":

After a week here, we went back to Tallinn:

But we were soon back with furry friends:

My family came around to have a little swim:

Human daddy and doggo daddy:

I wore a bedspread: 

Happy fish. Great life:

We got another surprise visit from neighbours across the Baltic Sea
that spoke adorable Fenno-Swedish: 

Pebbles has Swedofil parents, so our Nordic friends found themselves right at home:

It's great success when Pebbles vibes with my friends' kids,
because it's not default setting that they must like each other:

Spontaneous playdates make the world go round:

The actually enjoyed themselves and the food, although the faces talk differently.
A common sight of Estonian genes:

"Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way":

We have one goal in life = 
to find the bakery:

The morning setting.
The sports. The crafts:

She tries to connect with a deaf doggo:

The end of drought and the joy thereof:

Mister Sandman, bring me a dream:

After 7PM Wilma hits the town:

She's saving money and keeping herself outside of expensive restaurants...

...instead she eats sausages on-the-go:

Every moment in my life suits on the cover of Vogue:


He's rather attractive when he's fixing things:

New book, now about history of Ukraine.
Not your easy summer evening reading:

The Olympic team:

Easy like Sunday morning,
cool like a summer breeze:

Paradise on Earth:

The Circus family is logging off 
and returning to big city lights:

Muchas gracias T. Iu.

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