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Monday, January 22, 2024

Gerda's "RIP single life"

My only task in life is to take compromising pictures at a bachelorette party. My invitation to Italy will not be annulled, since those naked misters we'll be our little secret.

Don't hate the game, master it:

The level in life = more food than drinks at a party:

The happiest funeral:

Telegraaf Fashion Week:


Liquid lunch and liquid dinner:

The movie star and her assistants:

Vogue "Get ready with me":

That's one hot piece of ass:

She needs no support,
she needs no approval.
She's born to slay:

She will get a new favourite colour,
when a darker black will be invented:

Today we have questionable morals:

You're damn sexy,
keep that shit up:

The only currency that pays:

We have mixed drinks for feelings:

The circle of vadž:

"Lift me up, lift me down":

No stripper, just Tchaikovsky:

Never trashy, always classy:

And just like that we became Beyonce:

Forget Eesti Laul, forget about Laulukarusell.
This is where stars are born:

Mic drop:

The plumbing squad:

The gracious madame:

Rest in pasta & pizza (in Italy):

The game is on:

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