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Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're only young once

Drink up baby and look at the stars. We'll meet again on the way to Levikas:

Tallinn, he kisses me windy:

Where are your Friday red lips, hon? I have my Friday lashes on, love:

She is not lost, she is here:

Peek a boo seems right thing to do:

Up all night. Got him and his Delphic beats to fight:

No fear, I'm absolutely clear:

Hands up those, who have been meaning to eat more vegetables:

Hello, I'm the front seat monster:

Hello, I'm the back seat monster:

A lot of dumb in those little bottles/girls:

Gravity released her and will not hold her down. Now her feet will never touch the ground:

Look, TV says that Stalin is back. Happy ending:

puss puss


vilja said...

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ja blogi uus feissbuk

Wilma Circus said...

I turn water into wine

Wilma Circus said...
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