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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The prom night and Popcircus

Wilma Circus at work.

Good times. Sunshine. Moonlight. Boogie:

Friendship set on fire:

My people:

Transforming: 4..3..2..1!

The bold and the beautiful:

Circus is always here. Love it:
hipsters anonymous:

My psychologist thinks they are a good idea:

Superman at duty:

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Let it go:

They fill me with sunshine:

She is my kind of beautiful:

The heart wants what the heart wants:

I can count on him when I fall apart:

We're so circus it makes people sick:

If a ten-ton truck kills the both of us, well, the pleasure, the privilege is all mine:

I love who we are when we are around us:

How long can you last? next stop: Wonder wall:

Goodbye. I'm alive and lovely.


Epp-Maria said...

so much fun so little timee!!! aahh nii mõnusad sõpsid mul ikka

Wilma Circus said...

Our gang is LOVELY!

vilja said...

elu on ikka tsirkus küll:D