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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Here they are! Wilma Circus' fashion tips for spring.

1.It's SO today to look like a TV host:

2. Dress like it's your wedding:

3.Tights are not jeans! If you see it, cover up your face:

4.Add some accessory and TOUCH it:

5. Find Vogue from 1530

6.Straight is boring. WE NEED WAVES!

7.Forget the word "normal"

8. It's aaaaall about purple, sweetie

9.Look at those f****** hipsters:

10.Hang around with gay people. Get inspired:

11.Don't be like a wall. Shine-shine-shine!:

Wilma Circus is saying thank you for watching:

muss muss


regina said...

eriti äge :D
hea kõhutäis naeru

Wilma Circus said...

it's all about 1.april