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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I met Mr.Keskharidus

12.a + 12.b + 12.c + 12.d met Mr.Keskharidus. Huston we have a party.

Who is that lady on the right? WHY are you there?

We put our heads together, then we're unstoppable:

Newly-wed couple:

I have been sitting 3 f***ing hours, I need toilet. THANK YOU:

No cellulite, just love:

Early Christmas present:

And wave gooooobye:

This was the closest we have ever been to an angel. When you're going to hell
then keep on going:

Now it's time to let all your desires out:

Class picture and L.V.:

"How many Kristels do you see"

Husband + wife + bridesmaid = super combo:

Look at this blooody crip!:

I salute teachers! :

What seems to be the officer..problem?

Look at these passport pictures:

How much do you disco that girrrrrl?:

Triple action:

PLEASE DON'T SMOKE! big no no:

mr.M what's on your shirt?

School is over. It's time to start making those 8 children:


Beauty sleep turned into ugly sleep:

KISS KISS and BIG MISS lend 92

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