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Monday, June 07, 2010

The party desperates

What have I done?
Like a bird on a wire. Like a drunk in a midnight choir. I have tried in my way to be free.
What do I MEAN??
Tartu, sweetie. Tartu.

Well, it may not be all great and good. Lazzzers we need, indeed:

Sometimes I get into a party loop and just can't get out:

Where is Tallinn? THAT way...no this way...HELL I don't know:

He tried to crowd-surf BUT the tide went out:

Right, time for another little drinky before we go, sweetie?:

A crisp, darling. A crisp:

I think even blur can't make it better. DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU!:

Another bench. Another crackers:

The day after. Tallinn, my love.

check my pulse.


Ian Gustav Ahlberg said...

Your pulse is gonna flat-line if you keep this up :P

Wilma Circus said...

I can live to be 100 if I give up all the things that make me want to live to be a hundred.