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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The days of our lives

We bought the tickets home. We bought MacBook Pro. We bought Ben & Jerry's and berries. And now we are living our champagne lifestyle with a Mõmmi lemonade budget until we will fly back to Estonia. My birthday is in July this year (party warning!).
*tweedy - showing a fondness for outdoor life

It's that part of summer here, when everything has stopped flourishing and is, like, just green. It feels like my birthday was one month ago. Must say that I miss spring:

It would never have occurred to an English person to stick their tongue into another person's mouth. They would be still just holding hands if the French hadn't invented it:

"Damn you, CCTV" said the girl and ran away:

Note to self: next time photoshop your hobbit legs:

Like you care what I ate today:

The positive side of living in the UK - Apple computers and Ben & Jerry's (I don't even like ice-cream) are ten times cheaper than in Estonia:

Our first Photo Booth moments - worth spending our last pennies:


Ian said...

baked alaska on pähh, chocolate macadamia on parim, ja caramel swirls... mmmmmmmmmm

Gii said...

suht kaunis oled, alkoholiga siis

Wilma Circus said...

jäätis ei eruta, alkohol aga küll.

regina said...

sünnipäeeev! see tuleb aastaüritus!