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Friday, September 30, 2011

History lesson

Remember I am attending Tallinn University? Yesterday me and other fellow first-year students were finally welcomed in the uni. Rather lovely people are attending Institute of History this year. Hallelujah!

We were ought to wear togas. 
Elmar is our course hunky (girls grabbing every other second):

The boy-power is thinking about what to conquer next:

Elmar you already know, but the girls are our happy figures 
(they never - and I mean never- run out of o-nom-nom)

I had the special urge to also touch Elmar:

"Please make drinky faces" and they did:

The Best Of (later I will photoshop Triin also with us)

Liisa is having a secret cocktail in the cloakroom: 

Those three again, usual picture:

Triin finally made it and she is really really happy:

We were just chilling and voluntarily agreed to drink pepper vodka...

...while the others were stripping down:

A hairy boy and a sleepy boy:

The older student is amazed how groovy we are, so he can't close his mouth:

Mart enjoyed the vodka we were ought to drink, when we answered wrong. We were supporting his steps: 

Only Agni knows how to work with the camera:

Historians orgy.
As they said on the first day "Look around, you might find the love of your life from here":

Our team had lady knights, the other team had lady horses. I don't remember who won:

"No points for us? Come ooon!"

Group hug:

The bitch of our course:

Agni took a chill-pill, Triin forgot to take one:

Just a second before the play, we are ready for the stage:

We had an assignment to change "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Red Riding Hood" into historical key.
Here you can see Elizabeth I and England having a baby:

Then came Erzsebeth Bathury and ruined the baby shower:

Cleopatra is jumping in the forest (great trees btw):

Herman Simm sees it all and tells Erzsebeth:

Caesar comes and starts to find the girl on the poster - the love of his life:

He finds her and they get married. awww:

Indian Red Hat is not scared of the wolf:

He's like "I will eat you". She is like "Stop, it tickles"

Grandmother is so wasted that she can't tell the difference between the wolf and Red Hat:

The End.
As the older ones said "The best play that has ever seen under the roof of Institute of History" Bravo.

Meanwhile a little twister:

The art of denying the cold weather:

When a boy wants to sing, let him do so:

Till the next symposium comes:


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