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Sunday, September 04, 2011

The pleasure principle at Tartu

Our good friend from London came to visit this weekend, oh-so-good! So we headed to Tartu, where he had to play records. AIAIAJU-HU-HUI!

There's no oxygen to be found in the Gen club smoke room, so you can slowly pass away:

Our good friend has a balcony bigger than her apartment, 
we were pleased (In England I have a 20cm wide balcony): 

Hot air balloon and hot girls:

Not just ordinary students:

Karl tried to cook, now he has a wound on his hand and he is back to eating fast noodles:

Together we are unstoppable:

Drink like no one's watching:

Passing out elegantly:

Apart from this beautiful girl you must keep in mind those huge windows that the flat has. WHOA!:

Ready for the dancefloor (sponsored by Haapsalu thrift stores):

Little My:

The one that got away:

I waited him with balloons at the airport. I like Sam:

You can't find me? Look from the bar:

When he played records the audience had different reactions,  one was laughy, other one was sad. Mixed emotions:

Reading newspapers at a party:

Welcome to the Red Room, honey:

He may dance with you, but that doesn't mean he likes the music:

Others were dancing, but he was sitting and turning knobs:

The morning after we didn't have the luxury to fly back to Tallinn by plane. Damn that:

Sweetie pie:

On his way back to London:

Nice time we had.

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