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Thursday, October 27, 2011


We went to Canterbury as promised. The trip fueled my desire to travel around the UK. England is bigger than London and more interesting than Starbucks coffee (if you didn't know it yet).

Canterbury = Church of England's main region. Archbishop of Canterbury carried out the wedding ceremony of Will and Kate. omgg!:

Me and Sam went out to find the perfect furniture. He is in the reflection:

Nice trees:

He is just waiting for the man to hit his head:

Saint Kaurus and Samueltinius:

Good place to live:

A happy eyeball:

I really need it. I cry like a baby when I'm peeling onions:

Even if the food is shit the clothes are pretty:

We had a good pot of creamy tea:

Good old Topshop:

"Two different shoes and a mass of panties":

Canterbury 2011:

Massive tune with a wicked incoming, even the dawg knows it:

A glimpse of  bad manicure:

with love:

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