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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tallinn - London

On Wednesday I flew to London (finally). Before heading to airport I had a hardcore anxiety, my heartbeat was like wicked tune with massive incoming. 

The weather is always beautiful above the clouds:

My girlfriends Laura and Reggie (look at those f***ing bloggers) came to the Victoria station to greet me. It was the first moment when it hit me "I'm really here, whoa!". A lot of love to Hagi and Sepp:

Weird, it feels like home:

Kaur made me yummy for my tummy:

The Queen Bee was reunited with her king and they went to Maidstone:

Good old Candy Bar:

The reason why Triin should come to England:

We are happy that there's no screen between us:

Rochester is becoming more and more beautiful, they are fixing up the old houses:

The Baggins Book Bazaar is the best place to be. 
Books are so cheap here!:

Trying to lose my tickets to Tallinn, because I'm not going back:

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