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Monday, March 19, 2012


I guess some of you are wondering where I am. The answer is quite simple: I'm not dead, unfortunately I don't have a functioning camera to prove it. Maybe I should open a bank account, where you all can send me a little something to help me to buy an inspiring Nikon or an iPhone, because these days we all know that Instagram beats professional photography.

Meanwhile, I'll try to keep myself busy at university, I'm enjoying the examination week right now. My biggest hope is to start studying in Stockholms Universitet this autumn. I've filed an application and now I just have to wait (they said that my marks are a bit low, really?). Sadly I'm not going to the UK anytime soon, because luckily my Mister is coming home next week and staying until May. I guess it's kind of weird to be together that long. Who am I kidding, it's going to be fucking great.

In April we have a plan to go to Amsterdam. Reggie is there and she might move to London this autumn. So I need to see her ( görlfrieeend!).We were there same time last year, a great tradition I might say. 

Most of the people around me are giving birth, so I don't understand why are they constantly saying that the birth rate is too low. Don't worry, I'm not pregnant nor anywhere near it (sex is not my best friend), but I became an aunt! Lovely new title. 

I've managed to cut down drinking (I haven't seen Karl a long time)- my health is not even funny anymore. Occasionally I drink, but if it's not vodka, there's no effect, apart from I pee hundred times more often. The other day me and Sam went out to KuKu klubi. It was the first time I was there sober, nice place I have to say. 
Maybe I'll start thinking about owning a driving license. Before in my life I was too drunk to need them. 

Never have I ever wrote this long. I thought that maybe some of you are interested. I guess I'm making big changes in my life: theatre is drifting away and international relations are kicking in. Really? I'm not sure. Thinking about it? Yes. (I do love history, but Tallinn University sucks donkey balls)

Now to the business. I've been spending a lot of time and money on eBay. Today I got a parcel from England - I order all my stuff to my home in UK and my boyfriend sends them to me. He also added extra something, so do not think that if you buy a dress from eBay you get an extra vinyl, pencils and candy.


My perfect collection consists now three vinyls. A long way to go:

To wake-up my artsy self:

Sainsbury's! - I have weird favourites:

This is the joy from eBay. A lot more to come:


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vilja said...

Vad vad? Sthlm uni? Musi, ma arvan, et me peaks skaipima!