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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Costume party

 I'm doing a serious comeback to the blog-world. Actually I don't have anything big to show you, but still taking into consideration my limited camera usage, two post in a one week is huge, amazing, marvellous, excellent, splendid and other big words. 
As the only pictures I've taken until today are the naked ones I sent as a birthday gift to my boyfriend (don't want to turn this page into xxx), I have  a serious shortage of what to show you.

Luckily Sam's Miss has a birthday coming up on Saturday and the theme is "Native Amercans". And let me just say I take dressing up oh-so-seriously , that's way I'm usually the only one at a party with a stupid costume, but it's SO MUCH fun. I think my "theatre past" has something to do with it. 

I love (xPÄEV!) costume storages! And I can't stop thinking about the theme of my this year's birthday party (last year it was "Royal Circus")

I tried on different headpieces. My blond hair is ruining the "indian" look for sure.

I wish my wardrobe was so strictly organised:  

порнофилм u зтриртпза - ето классика:

I guess this would have been too much of a tribal piece (and it would be really difficult to drink during the birthday party):

Some wear it every day, others call it a costume:

"Little House on the Prairie" meets Monroe: 

Sexy bunny:

Ella's hair:

So many clothes that you can't move - I call it a paradise:

Normal clothes for me and my friends, no biggie:

Bloody beautiful dresser:

This is the selection of native american clothes, the ones I picked are not seen ( you have to wait until Saturday. HUGE! I say.)

Ladybugs should be the theme for my birthday...

Just saying: 

I bought this crappy tie for 1€ and while I was sitting in the car I realized Statoil  has pretty good light for taking a picture. Random gas station pit stop is random:

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