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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monopol and a little booty shakin'

The silence has ended and here is a little update about what was going on. 
Last week we had a little celebration at home, but as everyone hates me taking pictures of them, I have nothing to show you. In regard to Kaur and me becoming uncle and aunt, we have shitloads of vodka at home. It is common to Eastern Europe to drink vodka when something big or small happens. I must apologise for it being Viru Valge, please take in consideration that it was a gift:

This week has been a busy one: school + friends visiting the homeland. On Wednesday we went to visit Ott and we were impelled to watch one Japanese porn-movie. It was so horrible, I don't want to have sex like a year now. Not sure if it was just sick or I don't appreciate the cultural differences. 
That day we made plans to go out on Friday and so we did:

Me standing in the corridor, no biggie:

Tried to be a little protean and went outside. Me standing outside, still no biggie:

When boys heard that I have never played Monopoly, they were eager to take my virginity. So before the party we warmed up with vodka cocktails and a lot of fake money: 

Considering that it was my first time, I sucked pretty hard:

Others owned the whole London, while I was stuck with electricity, waterworks and railway:

One shot after every five minutes:

The situation was so intense that Norman had to cover demoiselle's eyes:

Ott barged in to the family affairs:

As we were heading to the Old-Town, we thought that we were truly drunk, so we were hallucinating that there's a giant ring near the harbour. Luckily there really was one:

Walked the walk:

After I had one heavenly cocktail (basically gin with sugar water, it was so gooood), I thought that things can't get any better, but I was wrong, because then Epp showed up:

After long walks, we finally made it to Sõprus, where some minors (I know, I know you just became 18, but it still doesn't count) were waiting for us. 
One of them is failing the Spock sign and is like "Mom, what are you doing here. By the way I'm sober. Yes, I am."

It was really smoky there, but I still managed to find friends:

She wants YOU to join the army (all our boys got a letter from the military, and they REALLY don't want to go):

I'm 20 and I still find it amusing to inhale helium:

Joe - Claptrap was on, it was loco:

Maybe this is a smize or just a drunk person trying to look sober:

Sometimes Hans likes to stand out, but sometimes he likes to blend in. Stripes it is:

There were massive beats:

Wild young hearts:

It was like really hot there, even I felt it and I had basically nothing on. But Ian in the other hand was wearing a cardigan, shirt and a tie (as always). Unbelievable:

As you can see it was almost 2AM and I wanted a bloody kiss, but he was playing hard to get:

 Everything he does, he does with passion:

Helium high, you can tell by their faces:


"Heyyyyy, gööööörl"

Secret talks:

That Gaga move never fails to serve him. Others are just there for the lulz:

He likes to watch people and he observes them with a half-smile:

"Really, this is getting ridiculous", but do I care? I need some material for the blog:

Two of them remembered the japanese porn-movie:

"Enough, I want to go home":

So we called the Kiisu taxi and I was like really tudine:
 My Mister was playing in Tartu yesterday, but I had too much schoolwork (I'm getting ready for my Tallinn-Stockholm-Amsterdam-Stockholm-Tallinn trip) and stayed home. Really sad that I didn't go though.

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