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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tallinn Music Week

This weekend was dedicated to Tallinn Music Week and Espirit had the honour to perform there as well.

Theatre Estonia has very appropriate car-park barriers:

TMW had city-stages, where artists performed for free. My Mister played at the Gallery of Architecture and Design. Before him there was http://www.husky-rescue.com/:

the "biggest" fan:

Talented and sophisticated at its best:

In the evening we went to Kultuurikatel, where a proper party was held.

http://soundcloud.com/emeraldcity/sets/oyt-burnout-ep/ (The town is full of Rando look-alikes):

R&S records:

I had a little drinky and met up with my best friend's best friend, who is a rather feisty one. 
"So you dare to interfere with our conversation" faces:

Our "trying to show a peace sign, but failed" faces:

I must say that he performed at the right time, at the right place with the right beats. It was truly awesome (trying to be objective here, please forget the fact that we are close and spoon together). I've heard only good things about that night:

A good example of the chemistry the two have - the meet and greet...:

...and then they dance their booties off:

Our "Karl, Y U NO CALL BACK!" faces:

She is like "Look at this bloody cool ring" and I'm like "I love ponies" (not very focused):

Freaky hand is freaky, but they have lasers OMG!:

Then everything went blurry. Met a lot of people. Had some fun. Drove home and woke three hours later to visit one place where there were like 25 little children. One word: ouch.

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