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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

T.V.'s place + St.Martin's day + DVPH live

The night full of joy and a morning of hell thereafter - this should be the alternative headline. 
Since I stayed up until 4.30AM and my workday started at 08.00AM, sadly I promised to help out another store . Stupid. Stupid.Stupid. I felt like killing every customer I saw. 

Now let's go back in time a bit, to where I felt happy.

Playing Alias needs a lot of concentration:

This is not a girl on meth, 
it's just a figure for St-Martin's day:

Fist fight, 
because Alias needs victims:

"Explain so that only your partner understands"
"Remember 7th grade, when we were at Jaagup's place and his garden cart burnt down. What was above it?"
"A cloud!"
Not a single sense is given, at least there's loads of clinging moments: 

Very artsy or "fail with the filmroll" - not sure:

Põhjamaade Hirm is not that scary:

PM couldn't find the right rhythm or more accurately incoming, 
then Dragon Volta gave him his hand and held it until it was time.
Bloody friendship, not sex, drugs and money:

DVPH held its live at KUKU club, which has regulars from the time it was opened 70 years ago.
They just come there to get wasted (usually cultural people) and don't care about hip-hop.
Nevertheless they are amusing: 

Surprise guest.
(Scratching came back in action from the 80's)

The future is so bright it burns their eyes:

Tyra would say "Learn you angles!":

To kill the stereotypes. 
People are not only poor, but they sleep on money.
AND they do not get robed, even though Harri had his temptations:

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