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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Stiff-Stuff-Staff = A character from the Moomins.

Many people have asked me and finally I did it - I got my film rolls processed. 
Hell, yesterday I even swopped my lunch break just to run to the next door to see the results. 
Worth it, so worth it.

Few weeks ago we took some time off with our colleagues. 
It was well earned, because of long hours of work + annoying Mr. Fireal Aram +
 surprises on every corner.
 But still - and I quote Delfi anonymous comment -
"They are so happy, it's disgusting, they are probably high.":

A wild midget suddenly appears and 
she seems to be very fond of glasses:

Mouthful of wine:

Putting on our passport pictures:

It is always delightful to be checked out:

Ville on the left approves this dance:

Lucky Mattias is almost always surrounded by ladies:

Our department manager was not sitting in the corner,
he was the king of the dance floor: 

I'm a bird and Julia is a plane:

 Modern Classics (phun intended - made a weird inside joke):

Dagmar, don't kill me, but I printed the photo out and put it on my wall.
Positive vibes all the way:

"Honey, don't wait me up, 
I'll be taking glass of wine or two":

This is the difference between man and a woman - 
despite the serious conversation, she still manages to pose to the camera:

A kiss in need, is a kiss indeed: 

Our centres if we spin away:

Feisty mademoiselles:

Ville, our Finnish support = battery for us all.
He manage to learn two sentences in Estononian "Aitäh sulle!" and "Vali reis"
Despite the randomness he had the skill to use them in right moments. 

Two fighting for alcohol and one is like "Naah, I'll skip it":

 I had the opportunity to introduce the famous Russian Cocaine (still no drugs involved).
Suddenly, while taking the shots, the whole room turned red...:

"Hands up, who wants to go to McDonald's":

Meanwhile Tauno is still dancing...

Tight is tight is tight:

It's always to nice to have an extra shoulder to relay on:

"What shampoo are you using"
"Tauno Dance Floor Fully Shine 

Every now and than we are allowed to release some steam.
Since this is how I feel returning to work after several days off:

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