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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Circus birthday party. Kolhosniki/Dalston hipsters.

I honestly did not have any intentions to throw a birthday party this year. 
Low budget and friends abroad were kind of a party poopers, yet there's always that "Why not, let's get crazy" moment. My decision justified itself by seeing how some guys really wanted to celebrate my birthday. One of them called me and asked "So your party is on Friday, I'll take four days off from work then". The dedication! 

Since I was working that morning from 7AM, Fred took the day off and prepared all the magic that is needed for an enjoyable circus. He even let me take a power nap before the guests arrived, actually gracious me slept when first ones showed up. Pardon, the age does its job.

Puhvaika party.
From left to right: Gestapo Beauty, Mama Kitty, Soviet Grinch, 
Smart Girl who discovered great coat lining, The 90's Brute, Hairy Birthday Girl, 
The Brute's Wingman, Žiguli Ranger, Scared Tractor Driver, 
group Tough Love, last but not least Snow White:

Yo, here's my tractor Razzmatazz (an actual English word):

My life is now filled with squat pictures, since Ave made an International Squat group on FB. 
Discovering how far my swag takes me:


Honestly, nobody knew they were being photographed. 
Totally natural toilet imitation, stomach pain and duckface:

She taught me about how a kangaroo takes care of its joey:

Our relationship is like magnets. 
Everybody wants to know how it works, yet it is too complicated to explain. 
One thing's sure, magnets are so amazeballs!:

The moment of handing out gifts still makes me speechless. I asked people to bring me film-rolls or nothing at all, since I'm familiar with drinking Champagne with Mõmmi lemonade budget. 
However I received three books of Mati Unt (my fav author) and a lot of cash for Driving School!
The surprising side + practical value = shfoihwofiejpsü!!!:

Literally on a field trip:

On our way to get saunaviht, which is a bunch of birch branches that are used in the sauna 
to whip each others skin for massage/entertaining purposes. Sound pretty "???!!"  for a foreigner:

The fresh air of the countryside made us high as kites:

She always remembers my date of birth. 
*shows double peace sign*: 

Pärna climbed up the tree and started to bend it downwards, so we could saw few branches off of it. 
As the gravity is a bitch, the tree broke and he fell down.

Luckily he survived and was pretty happy about his kill. To be fair we did apologise to the nature.
 Quoting the classic "Man take branch, man make sauna":

For a long time I've wanted to turn this blog into a fashion one. 
Here it is, the OOTD (clothes Michael Kors, shoes fake Prada and accessories Thrift Store)  

There is a limit of red-eye removal that can be use on one picture.
So black and white it is:

One of my favourite part was the quiz "How well do you know me?"
I expected a lot of creativity and they did not fail me. Also it was freaky how many small details of me every person had remembered.
 I would have definitely lost my own game, since many answers were better and more true than mine:

Marleen ditched her best friend to be at my party. 
She came with the last train and a bottle of tequila, respect sis!:

It started off when Marleen left and forgot her über fancy selfie-machine/iPhone on the table.
We went all nuts with it, thus her phone is filled with happy little drunk faces.
4am selfie is always a good idea!:

4:17am we realised that sun is rising.
Despite it all, we had survived yet another day. WIN!:


*sountrack playing: Pärna's laughter*

I had the honour to sleep with three guys that morning. Not as glamorous as it sounds - one was giggling in his sleep, other one was twitching and third one was snoring like hell.

Great thanks to this guy who fell down from a tree, was the last one to go to sleep and first one to wake up. 
6am - 9am sleep is enough for us!:

After three hour sleep I started to make banana pancakes for my loved ones with massive hangovers: 

The day after tortilla:

Another sauna before we go-go.
The system needs a restart.

More fun than should be allowed:

I cannot express my gratitude towards everyone involved. My birthday lasted almost two weeks, which made the circus go round and round. I laughed so hard at the party that my abs (they DO exist!) hurt.
The after effect will continue on, since yesterday was my first day at driving school. Level up!
T H A N K   Y O U!

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