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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Circus Tour in Budapest

I quietly closed down the blog for weeks, for lack of creativity and thereof. Although my trip to Budapest was so amazeballs that silence must be broken.
The plan to visit Hungary already came up in April, since Loony Days in Stockmann are indeed loony and make people go cuckoo! Hope you enjoy my Budapest overview and book tickets asap.

First time ever Fred and I were complete tourist. 
1. We did not speak the local language. Don't let the fact that Hungarian and Estonian are related languages  fool you. Õäöüäkhn! English is overrated as half of the population works in the dubbing industry. From fifty channels we had at the hotel room, CNN was the only one they did not get their Hungarian hands on.
2. We did not have any friends there, we were completely on our own. Hotel life all the way. Although Kaur's Hungarian friend, who at the moment lives in Finland, gave us his sister's number in case we got robbed or I would get kidnapped and sold to the blooming Hungarian porn industry.

The World's second largest parliament house (fun fact) and a girl with a silly smile (still no dragon tattoo):

A little stopover with my mates, the Moomins in Helsinki:

The love towards history was the main reasons that dragged me to Budapest. 
Yes, the degree choice at uni is spot on.
This is the Buda Castle, which was the crib for Royals of Hungary, like Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph to name the few. 

The easiest way up to Castle Hill is with funicular.
Us peasants walked up instead and had near death experience since "...too...weak...cannot...breathe...hurts...everywhere..."

The +35C made me hold down my hands to cover the sweat stains:

The most appealing for me in Budapest was that this...

...coexists together with Soviet era heritage, the ladder Estonians know and love.
"Balti Jaam is it you?":

At the front of our hotel:

Wherever you go, Skrillex will follow:

My Sheldon loves trains (I was more drawn to analog timetables, which went loco after the train left) : 

The old meets the new. 
Metro line 4 first plans were made in 1972 and the line itself opened three months before we arrived. 
"Stockholm is that you?":

Before the trip Fred got truly excited over the amount of good beer he was going to drink in Budapest.
As it turned out to be a wine land and we were left with imported beer wippii!

Too short skirts, big breasted women and classic trams - felt like home:

To be honest there are not a lot of European countries that are cheaper than Estonia.
In Budapest, we lived our champagne lifestyle with mõmmi lemonade prices. I still have a valid Budapest monthly ticket, since it was cheaper than a three day pass. We ate out every meal yet the bill was never over 3000 HUF (10€). It was nice to relax and not count every penny.
"Cheers, let's live a little!"

Fred got inspiration form Hungary.

To be continued

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