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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hiiumaa with the šššnakes

Weekend off from work is as rare as unicorns. When it does occur however, instead of jerking off at home, big plans and deeds are in order. 
So when Wyrgo kindly invited us to his grandfather's place at Hiiumaa, it was just spot on and we gladly accepted. Let's just get far far far away from the city/town (pick your equivalent pending on where you live).
Therefore that Friday evening a very cheerful bunch of people waited me after I had finished work. The car was full of meat and beer, as it should. Perrrfect.

I didn't take pictures of the long wait at the harbour (although locals said it was short, dayum ferries) and driving in the dark. The morning after, on the other hand, I went completely silly with my camera after grandfather showed me the amount of snake they had in the garden. How sick was that! Completely overwhelming considering how obsessed I am with snakes. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Steve Irwin. 

Altogether I glimpsed seven grass snakes and the rumour has it there were plenty more:

Oh, well I distracted you with my "how I went to visit my friends house" yet all you got was šššnakes (I can hear girls screaming and children crying):

Actually more importantly it was a work camp. City slickers need some environment change.
Here Wyrgo was DISAPPOINTED when the log would not split "Damn, son!":

I am a slacker all the way, the same could not be said about Mark. He works is ass off here, there and everywhere, but enjoys his pipe moments in between.
My task of the day was to put beer in the freezer and provide it to the hard workers. Very satisfied:

Gangster Tractor Rap:

Veeeeeery long sausages: 

At home we said "Bye, we are off for three days",
 we got a joking reply "Buy us quality Hiiumaa carpet, if you may".
The plot twist - we did as we were told!:

Actually the carpet store was comfortably on the way to the "Fast and Furious. Part 1239":

"Thank you team. The race was a success."
He won.

The next round. 
Fred predicts with his fingers the place he will get.:

Prediction was correct.
Spot the Stig in the background? He passed these guys so many times that we forgot to count:

Thank you, Bauhaus. My new life jacket saves my life every time I go swimming.
Can't swim and likes snakes, weeerid girl. Although my friends are ok with it:

We went birdwatching. Spotted new species: Annoying Beach Man.

Face down, ass up:

Jellyfishes, jelly?

Chop the wood until you vomit:

Pick your poison. Some took ketchup, some took beer:

Work camp together with sports camp.
Also we slept together in one room and played primitive yet fun games until sun came up.
Total summer camp of 2014:

I do not tan, I whiten:

Boys being Coco Loco Sugar loops:

 Little detour in the woods before hitting the harbour queue again:

He needs to pee-pee:

Holding hands at summer camp, because teacher told us so (actually boys are gross):

Fuck gravity;

Mom look, we are birds, we are planes, we are choo-choo trains:

I'm sure some of you will never enter Hiiumaa after all the snake and spider pictures:

"Who is this strange human?":

Harbour queue at its best. I hated boats, but it was so relieving to get on one.
Thank you, snakes. Thank you, Grandfather. Thank you, silly Nissan with 7 seats.

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