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Monday, September 08, 2014

High heels and ab fab at Kadriorg

I'm on a sick leave, which is so bothersome. Never mind the fluffy slippers and comfortable pyjama I have on right now, hence it is lovely to blogg about the time, when everything was functioning in the Looks Department. I'm talking about the final day, when Mister Vienna was in Tallinn

A little freshen up never hurt no one, also after partying at the country-side it was well needed. 
We headed to restaurant NOP and the food there was bee's knees (I have failed as a blogger, since I don't have any food pictures. I so sorry.)
"No, you can't sit with us":

Thank you, independent Estonian breweries, you have made our life more enjoyable.
We didn't wish to be racist, hence we ordered different colours and kinds available on the menu:

You call it a shit hole, we call it an investment:

Lovely streets to walk on, 
although they turn into hectic oneway labyrinth during my driving lessons:

He enjoys the moments, when I eat him with my eyes:

Batman and Robin

Being sick gives me time to watch a marathon of "Would I Lie to You?".

Listening to Beyonce - Pretty Hurts.

Looking at the massive blood vessels on my foot. The circulations is having a party on its own:

Two boys were making pictures of me, it was a uplifting feeling:

Tunnel romance:

Mostly classy, sometimes sassy, almost never trashy:

Even boys like flowers:

The presidential residence.
Our Pink House:

On our way home, Mr.Vienna was interested in the Maarjamäe memorial. 
Soviet statues are so difficult to explain, the ideas then were coco-loco sugar loops.
"Tegelikult oli see “kangelaslik” jääretk lihtsalt suure Vene laevastiku ja kommunistliku hirmuvalitsuse kabuhirmus põgenemine Keila poolt lähenevate väikeste saksa jalaväeüksuste eest 1918. aasta veebruaris. Selles valguses on Maarjamäe obelisk vist kogu maailmas unikaalne nähtus kui ausammas argpüksidele." (source)


The last day of vacation ended with strong positive feelings. 
Friends - the best there is.

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