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Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome to Tallinn, G.

It's first of September, hurray for the school. Two years ago today I was settling in Stockholm and enjoying my bitching view from my Lidingö balcony.  My exchange year there was one of the most enjoyable time of my life - I broke my leg while drunk, made a girl cry and most importantly met some awesome people. I still keep in touch with some, whether they are in Scotland, Liverpool, Osnabrück, Helsinki or Vienna. Few weeks ago mr.Vienna came for a visit. He wanted to make up for it that he plays Dota2 with my boyfriend, but hardly talks with me. 

I last saw mr.Vienna on January 20th in 2013, when we had more fun then should be allowed.
The reason why we got along was that both of us have a common favourite weapon - sarcasm. Believe me, I started missing sarcasm and irony so-so-so much during my exchange year full of polite small talk. It's hard to be an Estonian abroad, but mr.Vienna got me. He even got me so well, that others thought we hated each other due to our acerbic conversations.
Here I am holding my mouth closed to keep the witty remarks in:

First things first, we took him on a serious tourist field trip around Tallinn. First time ever I climbed on the city walls just next to GAG. 
Oh, the bird poop and selfies:

I was genuinely happy, what a great way to spend my last vacation days.
Come visit me! Estonia is totes awesome place. My people are not fat at all (remark from mr.Vienna)

Success kid on a Town Hall square.
Even amazing Spiderman needs a day off from duty:


Wilma and Fred, like it should be:

Picture perfect:

All summer evenings end in Kanala, which is Tallinn version of a ruin bar.
Fun fact: no one drinks beer faster than Germans and Austrians:

Met up with some fashionable ladies. 
In Rimi we trust. Duckface we need:

What is a night in Tallinn without some Moeviin vodka and shot glasses made out of ice?
"Let's make a picture real fast, before my shot glass melts away":

The pure joy of drinking cold vodka, which was accompanied 
by a casual Throw-your-vodka-glass-into-the-sea game. 
The sea won.
"Melt! Baby, melt!

Mademoiselle Liiv owns the place:

We went home quite early, since Lufthansa 5am flight the same morning was a heartless bitch.
The day after we went to the TV tower, where I, yet again, had not been before. 
I needed some help from the gentleman, because I was too pussy to walk on the see-through glass.

My tiny Tallinn:

I am surprised how pretty we are on this picture.
This proves, that if we try really hard, we can trick people into thinking that we are good-looking:

The next stop was my summer cottage, to show the Austrian how flat our country really is and to enjoy something really Estonian - sauna and beer:

I am never too fat, he is too weak. 

Wasps were drinking our beverages faster than we did:

Fred took along his bow, because boys like to play Robin Hood.
Half of the arrows were lost on the field, sad Fred was sad.

"Do I have to spell it out?"

Volleyball court done out of lanyard and bird netting.
Little DIY project:

"hands up, baby, hands up
gimmie your heart, gimmie, gimmie your heart..."

"High five, dude":

Tallest Men in da house:

Lady Olja sleeping on a trolleybus:

Dat pickle!:

PETA's worst nightmare:

What's the secret of looking this good the day after?

Looking at the car: "Should I drive or not?":

to be continued...

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