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Monday, October 27, 2014

Chrystal Cunt

Autumn mode is activated, which means I constantly have to answer people's question "You're so pale. Are you sick or something?" White girl problems, yo. Ordinary Estonian would buy a plane tickets to Turkey to solve the problem, yet I'm flying to fellow tribe mates, who never see the sun through their office windows. Yep, London and Liverpool next month. Yibidiyepp!

But now few updates form the past.

Mister O had a birthday party. Cannot really tell a lot about it, since I slept through it. The party animal inside me is extinct. 
Updates so far: The two ones on the left live now in Australia. Pretty f***ing far. Paleness is not an issue for them anymore.

How to make Mr.O ever sexier - TATTOOS! 

At my birthday party in May I throw a "How well do you know me?" quiz. Mr.O and evA's team won (my boyfriend came last, but that's another story). I promised the winners a prize, which was ready to be hand in at Mr.O birthday party. One question at my quiz was "If I would be a DJ, what name would I have?" their team answered Chrystal Cunt and here are the fan T-shirts: 

We came twice:

Now something completely different.
Fred was in Latvia for one week and made music 24/7. 
The life of Fred:

Next stop evA's housewarming.
Although eyes are closed, she still looks banging - the woman and pies, yo:

More pictures of girls in the kitchen (as it should be):

Õika balcony smile, thug life:

Showing them big round eyes:

Memm ja Taadu:

Drink up baby, look at the stars.

Back to watching Õnne 13, since it is my day off.

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