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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Ab Fab Festival of 2014

The older I get, the more I blank out. Like the forgotten unprocessed film-roll that I found recently, clueless of the memories that it consisted. 
How on Earth did I not remember The Ab Fab Festival of 2014, the birthday of my dearest friend?
It is time to make amends.  

Since on the correct date of his birthday Carlovizch was wearing a bunny suit in a land far far away, then "Better late than never" picnic was in order. 
We have come a long way from Sovetskoje, now it's the Era of Asti:

One was in love, the other one was falling in love.
Conclusion: that moment our lives were bloody amazing. 
Don't hate, celebrate:

"I didn't get out of bed and dressed up for this shitty weather," 
in other words, it was a blessing that Dréinu lived nearby.

Our bloodstream was rather intoxicated at that moment.
Let's put our heads together, two brains might function better than one:

The old people smell is disgusting yet somehow enchanting:

Then it was time to take the taxi home. Big was my boyfriend's surprise when I arrived home so early (1am). He thought the party would last minimum a week, since he is familiar with what happens when Circus meets Carlovizch and Dréinu. Actually he was quite right, the party continued two days later.

The round two.
Cute as a button:

First things first - the garden inspection. 
What is new? Is theirs bigger than ours? What is that smell?
How is Pontu doing?

Carlovizch was given a hug to get him distracted from the fact that one drink was spilled the moment before. 

Trying the get back injuries to avoid army service:


Koorekiht! (to read with Carlovizch voice)

The equality of sexes:

Keep in mind this birthday card. 
Without it the end of this blog post would not make sense:

Watching Rasmus Mägi win the silver medal.

The birthday boy, going strong!

The fresh cold water keeps us going.

The original Positivus festival:

Probably now you think the party got out of hands. But no! Never!
 Artsy people as we are, we started to re-enact the photo on the birthday card mentioned before.
Such good idea:

Sit-com Garden Gnomes soon in TV:

More fun than should be allowed:

Live long and save one for the morning:

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