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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Back in Londonts. Chapter II.

From Liverpool I arrived back to London. 
No pic, no proof:

First thing first I went to this little Rose in Dalston:

A little freshen up and milky tea later it was time to meet up the third Golden Girl Blanche.
Her new work place (we meet once a year, everything that happened later than 2013 December is new) was rad! #Miista:

A little spoiler alert - I took pair of Miistas back to Estonia. 
Big up to Blanche!

The Golden Girls are painting themselves even more golden:

Spindle Magazine relaunch party with free booze and brownies welcomed us gently.
Blanche had to keep fashion interns away with a stick. Proud moment!:

Of course a little duck face before we go-go:

Damn, one decent picture of us. 
I have beautiful friends:

The day after I browsed around at &Other Stories (seems to be the main sponsor of this blog).

Do. Did. Done:

I love the South Bank, how tourist of me:



Surprisingly sunny weather:

Very patriotic train station:

On my way to the Sainsbury's:

Great museum lover as I am, I tinkled at Tate Modern and played with leaves:

Rather lovely walk I had:

Double decker ride back to Dalston:

I just found out the tune belongs to Disclosure.
The only time they are here:

to be continued... 

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