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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Liverpool 3.0

Last week I was off from work. Fred and I had the idea to travel to the Moon and back, unfortunately our holidays were out of sync. I guess PÖFF and all the film industry is more important than this white girl with an ass that just won't quit. Well, that's another love story.
Anyways, I still needed to get out of my element, therefore I bought the plane ticket to the place with heavy concentration of Wilma's friends - the UK a.k.a. the land of drugs, techno and Jamie Oliver.

I landed in London and had few hours before my train departure to Liverpool.
 Just enough time to do a quick stroll around &Other Stories and Phonica Records:

I did not buy any clothes on my trip. Is it even possible? Am I finally fulfilled?
I was more into Christmas lights above:

What else should an Estonian girl do in London, 
than going to the Scandinavian Kitchen and ordering O'Boy hot chocolate and Lucia buns.
The Christmas feeling! Such. Much. Has. I.:

My Swedish grandfather is coming to visit me next week, 
which means I have to assemble a list full of goods I need:
"1. A lot of fish in a can
2. Blossa 2014 mulled wine
3. Polarbröd + gurkpastej":

Then I hopped on the fast and furious train to Liverpool.
The book title would be "No time no see. Me big":

One thing hadn't changed, 
the little mister was "Still living with parents":

He is better at yoga than you'll ever be:

We rollin', they hatin':

A little shopping never hurt nobody.
Spoiler alert - my new boots in the bag I'm holding became super handy 
when I arrived back to -17 degrees Estonia:

Mom is hot, baby is smart, Dad looks like a hamster:

All we ever need from Tesco are cabbages, few bottles of ale and, of course, diapers.
"Would Jesus go to Tesco?":

How Lush Oatmeal Body Scrub is made:


The Ninja Katt kills you when you're asleep:

Baby: "Who is this strange woman??!":

"Let me show you where the wild things are!":

Then we sent the baby off to his grandmother's. 
Football, ale and talking about our creepy-creepy friends.

Suddenly came the morning when I had to leave. 
No time to watch "Charmed" together, just one last selfie before I go-go:

The point where I dropped few tears:

To London. To the new adventures.:

End of that week the Little Mister started walking! 
(my heart is playing techno)

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