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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Kopp-kopp København

The viking inside of me wishes to conquer every little part of Scandinavia. 
Now it's time for Denmark.

How do I plan my trips?
Visit & Other Stories homepage, click on store locator and buy plane tickets to named countries:

Some DKK were spent and some pleasant emotions were gained:

Lights are shinier on the other side:

Late night walk at Nyhavn:

Cat Fluffy is thinking about Miley Cyrus and licking his wrecking balls,
what a beautiful morning:

I'd like to be rollin', to see them hatin':

It was freezing outside and our muscles were tired of being tense,
thus warm botanic garden was the best solution: 

We played Tarzan and Jane:

Remember how green looked like? It has been a long time...

A random  unknown Japanese tourist:

Emm...large cone penises?:

A daytime Nyhavn and a tourist postcard:

Copenhagen is the little brother of Amsterdam, so a lot of people commute by bicycle. 
I had to take the metro all the time and Alex cycled.
She always won:

Craving for a kiss on a cheek:

The local girl:

Proper hot chocolate that did not hold back with cream + Danish salmon sandwich = Heaven on Earth 
(also Jessica Biel had eaten in the same café, omgggg)

Welcome to the Freetown of Christiania.
A place of the hippie movementthe squatter movementcollectivism, anarchism and many yoga lessons.

There's no photography rule at the 'Green Light district', where soft drugs are sold.
We were quite happy that we didn't buy anything, because on our way our we encountered a police raid.  
Two cute girls just started walking faster:

Fascinating place:

The true Danish experience, as H.C. Andersen wrote it.
An ugly duckling jumped on our way: 

The slogan of Christiania - Graffiti walls, drugs and hugs:

Wilma Circus loves these places:

and now off to Jessie Ware at Vega. 

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