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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jessie Ware

During my trip to Copenhagen we went to see Jessie Ware at Vega. 
Alex's friends asked me if I was her fan and I understood that, damn, yes I  am.
And you know what? I honestly can say the most hipster sentence of all time: "I knew her before she was cool." LATFH.

Year 2011 my friends and I went to Boiler Room Valentine takeover near Elephant and Castle. 
There she was, singing with Sampha:

I have a very embarrassing coverage about it on my blog. Small shitty pictures for the win.
The blast from past -  www.wilmacircus.com/piinlikboilerroom

So glad I found out that she existed and I still have the vinyl from the last picture.
Heart shaped, awww, how very female of me.

Next time in 2013 I knowingly went to her concert. 
Jessie had come out from the closet and finally released her first LP Devotion.

The concert was in Berns Röda Rummet (Stockholm),
as seen on the picture it is a proper place for a diva like Jessie:

Another blast from past, bigger yet still shitty pictures.

Now year 2015 she's still my guilty pleasure. 
Copenhagen at Vega:

Oestrogen, wippiii:

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