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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wööörk, girl.

 Contrary to normal people, who have life goals and 10-year-plans, 
I wing it everyday. 
I'm like shit fuck happy that one day I can set up scenery for fashion and bloggers pleasure. And the next day my duties include feeding two little lambs at a museum. Wait...what?
Yes. Wörk, girl.

These bitches do not co-operate, they just wait there to be dressed.
Even smooch doesn't pursue them:

If only I drank coffee and smoked, 
then I would definitely do that on our balcony:

"Who's there?"
"The wedding season"
MOAR invitations, please!:

Suddenly a wild lunch appears! (professional blogging all the way):

 I'm the little unseen dwarf that drags all the prettiness from showroom to Chedi, 
puts it up neatly and leaves before bloggers understand what hit them.

The most beautiful open house I have been involved with.
*high fives herself*

16.04 worldwide at flagship stores.
Go and buy. The little dwarf recommends:

Such. Much. Girl.
Loves flowers shopping:


in next episode "My lambs and I"

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