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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Haapsalu HÖFF

It was the traditional HÖFF time again. Last year's posts are here and here.
Since I've been around more these last weeks, I have more pictures to show.
Starting from Thursday with Jazzkaar + Leikki at Reede.

This is how friend pictures look like, when your bestie has a boyfriend:

The grass is greener and the sky bluer while you walk away from Jazzkaar 
and a hot guy is holding your sweaty hand:

Also it is much more pleasant to pack up your things to Haapsalu, 
when a special Mister from Liverpool helps you iron the clothes.
No pic, no proof - he really was here (Fred sleeping while driving, he is THAT skilled)

Finally in Haapsalu, instead of horror you have strawberry dessert in bed:

Some scary movies later we went to Kuursaal.
More techno than should be allowed:

The serious green man:

Danced so hard that my fingers got tangled up:

Kuursaal at 3am:

A drunk cute night walk home:

Fred takes drift shopping very seriously. 
He takes a stool and his time:

Depressed person from Tallinn walks in to a happy store:

*caps lock broke down*

Google maps street view:

"Hot men?"

HÖFF iz ze best.
The best we saw:

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