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Monday, May 04, 2015

Why Ott is the best there is.

I was flipping through my blog since the beginning (do not make the same mistake). If there's any good about this blog, it's the possibility to let everything out without actually having to say it to their face. It seems I have written some post about my dearest friends, the most of them are now password protected, since the stories don't bare the daylight.
So back to basics and I'm doing something which is so two thousand and ten.
Meet my friend, Ott.
The dickhead and I were classmates, yet I didn't register his whereabouts before he came up to me (year was 2007) and quickly declared "Nummi says hi!" Nummi was/is a sign of quality and I finally felt relieved that I had a mutual friend with someone in that God forsaken school. 
Quality, I say:

Next chapter began, when I broke up with my boyfriend in 2009. At a party I was crying somewhere in the corner and drinking Põltsamaa Tõmmu. Girls repeatedly cave me tissues so I could wipe off my issues until Ott came up, slapped me and said: "Stop crying and start being awesome instead." True story. Brutal woman-beating all the way, yet it bloody worked. Everything started to go uphill from there...
...until we were up the hill drinking (he is the one, who pushed Fred and I together. And I quote from 2010 "Wilma and the Two Dragons Era":

I'll just skip thousands of chapters in between, because I have far too many awkward pictures to pick from. 
The time we really grew together was when we both accidentally moved to Stockholm in 2012. I stopped being "his best friend's girlfriend" and earned an "awesome friend" title (I hope). Let's face it, I should get some praise for keeping all the crazy women away from him. Once a girl was so freaky that I had to distract her until Ott could jump out of a window and escape. Love that manwhore.

It was really a great time. Parties. The late night talks. The late night Õnne 13. The "let's have a sleepover" and accidentally staying for two weeks, because it was unbelievably fun to convince a Finn that Estonias drink from a chair (??!? sense it makes none). We were evil! (and my balcony view was bitching in Stockholm):

He might be tough, but ladies, he is a cutie pie:

Now we are in year 2015 and just last Friday we casually grabbed a beer. Mocking his Tinder dates is always a great way to end your week with:

Also I have managed to confuse people about my dating life. Some of my acquaintances send their hello's to my boyfriend Ott and I think most of our friends in Stockholm thought we were a really dysfunctional couple. The thing is, when Fred and I get married, Ott will be the best man, bridesmaid, the priest and the host, because we don't have money to invite anyone else:

Also I love his double chin:

With him I stop being sad and start being awesome instead. 

I have him bookmarked for life:

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