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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweden, here we come.

I had forgotten about how much I like blogging. It used to be difficult because most of my friends had blogs and we basically blogged about the same things, yet from different angles. Now I'm the only one left.  Perhaps the Wilma Circus inside me is useful once I move to Sweden in September.
Yes, the description below the header says  "I split myself between three places (Stockholm-Tallinn-London)" and it will not be a lie anymore. Moving back to Sweden. 

It was my last day at work today. 
Here I'm concerned about the future, do I really have to become a hooker?:

At least it is nice and summery outside, 
my only worry right now is sunscreen:

 I'm afraid of ships, therefore I have to ride the horses to Sweden:

As a birthday gift I received an opportunity to lend my voice to a cartoon, 
Soon in cinemas:

Whatever shit future brings I have this monster to protect me:

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