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Sunday, November 08, 2015

A lot more smiles to give

I apologise for the last post. Like there's not enough depression in the world, I just had to add some more. Life really sucked for a second there. Mind the past tense in the last sentence, since after the sadness dripping post a lot of my friends sent me some good vibes (even one kind stranger! so-so-so surprising). Thank you. 
Really, I mean it, thank you. Who ever you are and whatever you said, it helped.
I stopped being sad and started being awesome instead:

Also it really helped that Fred came back to Sweden.
He thought his woman needed some Gustav cake straight from Estonia, 
which she so did:

It's a miracle, I can walk again!
The boiling water did some serious damage, but next stop Recovery street:

kunagi peekonit supi sisse pole panna hilja.
(a.k.a. well needed girls night):

The ultimate dynamic duo - my high school desk-mate.
I could easily rip my high-school degree into half and give it to her:

but I have this cool Lion King piggybank to keep me going:

They see me rollin' into Systembolaget (government owned alcohol monopoly store) every Friday:

For the Christmas I want a poo-poo and a pee-pee:

When you're going to hell, 
take the escalator and keep on going:

Sugar rush and Casper:

We went cray-cray when Eero got the Swedish citizenship:

So Estonians, Germans, a Spaniard and an Indian sat in a bar...(anecdote writes itself):

You cannot feel sad if you take the one and a half hour bus-trip to the islands
and enjoy some quality time with your family: 

I'm on my way to feeling like Beyoncé again.

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