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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 47 in pictures.

This week was all about work, altogether I spent 46h of my week there. We are building a new store which is hard work yet utterly enjoyable. I am among the few who can say: "Been there, done that", like first time ever I am experience and skilled. GROWING UP! 

Fred is coming to Estonia, yet again. Not jealous at all, let him have his cheap booze, fair dose of friends and moments of talking the mother tongue Irony (which we both miss so so much). Don't worry, I will get my fair share in December, we just bought the tickets home for Christmas.

We are moving in, so you better make room for us.
(Even paradise has its rainy days, like when Sweden went on high terror alert the first time in history. Stockholm was filled with police and we were advised to stay in and avoid T-Centralen. Years from now pupils at school have to learn these events in history class. Like "First there was Franz Ferdinand...")

New stores are springing up like mushrooms after rain, finally a second store is arriving to Stockholm.
(this is so not a paid advertisement, my love is free of charge)

Since our kitchen at work is not fully functioning,
 so we had a great excuse to spend our money on delicious food:

Also the winter came, suddenly it is so cold.
However I read today that Finland is experiencing major snow storms and trains are suspended, 
well, I cannot complain really.:


The most annoying perk of Sweden - everyone is using hands-free, 
which means a lot of people look you in the eye and start talking with you on the bus, at store, on the streets etc. It freaks me the fuck out. I don't get when they are talking to me or when are they on a phone.

The loveliest thing here - the high amount of dogs.
 They are everywhere! They are allowed everywhere! And they are so well behaved.
"Please, Sir, would you not photograph me. I have had a long day at work and my butt look chubby today. 
Thank you":

No pic, no proof,
had some great Indonesian food and loved it:

And we're playing more computer games than usually.
I could be naked for that matter, they still wouldn't care: 

Eat, sleep and Paradise Hotel:

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