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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Rolling in the deep with Hometown glory.

This past seven days have had really nice highs and pretty terrible lows. From awesome Adele concert to the death of a family member. Such much mixed feelings.

Look at this rebel with a hump and a fake tattoo:

The last day of April was Valborg here is Sweden, which is pretty huge Midsummer warm-up party. 
The Dutch guy lost its Valborg virginity: 

"The night is dark and full of terrors"   
(a.k.a. I am pretty happy that Game of Thrones new season started):

The awkward moment when the Valborg fireworks beat New Years Eve's butt:

Spring came with a bang:

Note to self: the highlight of April this year, was oh-my how awesome Adele's concert. I mean if you strip her from her music, I would still buy the tickets to see her stand-up show. What a voice! What a character and how funny! I have been to three concerts in my life, where I knew all the lyrics by heart (Pink in 2006 (!) and Jessie Ware) and Adele's was one of them. It was so so so cool!

I mean the concert must have been good, since I got really bad news during the show and cried my eyes out, yet still remember the night in nice colours. Adele takes the pain away:

After the bad news I took the iron-bird to Tallinn.
24h at home is surely not enough:

Ott was kind enough to lend me his car, so I could visit my relatives. 
The cruising around while sun is setting and listening Estonian rap or Beyonce's new album is a bliss.
Drivers passing by surely thought I was a lunatic:

All shit beside, I managed to ace my Swedish exam and am really close to finally graduating:

This video is only for me to watch, because despite shitty phone quality it brings back the coolest moment of the show:

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