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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I have survived another 365 day trip around the sun and on Sunday I got wiser, prettier and older. Only one year left of the 'youth ticket', one step closer to full price (and coffin).

Giving is nice, but receiving is better. Fred has had some years of practise, so he always gives me spot on gifts - like this year I got 'Alma and Johannes' sweat, since everyone who can call themselves my friends know what Õnne 13 means to me. I shit you not, they are the greatest power couple. So-so happy. Fred's my Johannes.

OK, I have to start from the beginning. The celebrations started already on Saturday, when Sollentuna family was kind enough to host a little party called "Bye-bye 24":

Here I am imagining how it would be like 60 years from now,
like accidentally stepping on your own tit while taking a shower:

"Fuck Google. Ask me." - a wise man once said:

The nights are bright and full of fun:

Always classy, never trashy:

The fountain of youth = reuniting with your old classmate, who accidentally also lives in Stockholm.
We are having some crazy 32 bus flashbacks here:

The perks of living abroad, the timezones extend your birthday. 
This was the biggest candle I have ever blown (is it just me, or does this just sounded dirty?)

I don't know any greater feeling than walking home 4AM on 22th of May. 
The intoxication, sunrise and the smell of lilacs (didn't even care about the 12year olds that were puking on the night-bus):

Ugly Beauty sleep and two painkillers later (hanging over gets harder and harder every hear)
I put my red shoes on and tried to ride a sheep:

My seventh birthday together with him. 
Still so much in love:

Totally naturally looking at the lilacs and I really didn't know that the picture was taken:

Made and born in the Soviet Union:

I am really grateful for all the wishes I received. Don't worry if you forgot, next year you have another chance. Thanks mama, for doing such a great work 25 years ago in that žiguli:

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