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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

First week back in Estonia

I have unpacked my boxes and started thinking in Estonian again, 
which means I am settled in, I guess. 
New job. New routines. 
Same boyfriends to kiss. 
Discovering Estonia again, the good and the bad...
yet missing Sweden so so so so so much.
 Kan någon höra av sig och prata Svenska med mig så att jag inte glömmer det? Eller fixa proxy IP för att jag inte har sett Paradise Hotel på två veckor. 

Working class hero from Monday to Friday, but at Friday night things start to happen.
The best being back home is driving a car (no friends, no family, fak dat). I so enjoy being the sober driver and taking my drunk boyfriend and bestie home while listening Kendrick Lamar loud and proud.
3am, yo!

The people party like crazy here and alcohol is everywhere!
On Saturday night I couldn't refuse the liquid dinner, as my dear friend had a 'moving in' party.
"The ceiling is too low for the kinky sex poses. Look!"

The amount of quality people in this room is too damn high!

My friends and ME ME ME ME!:

Made a joke and people liked it. 

"Tell us how much do you miss your girlfriend who lives in Amsterdam.":

Sing with Jaak Joala voice: 
"Minu südames sa elad, kenas päiksepoolses toas.
Minu südames sa elad, suure armastuse loal.
Minu südames sa elad, seda keelata ei saa, 
sest mu südamesse sisse oled kirjutatud sa."

Straight and Curly:


The boys and the tram:

They are my centre when I spin away:

The lights are on but nobody's home:

Borrowing happiness from the next day:

Good company:

On Sunday it was difficult to exist,
however these girls brought me back to life:

A tradition was made: Sunday dinner at a friends house.
How grown-up are we?

Eat, sleep, work and repeat. Until it's Friday again.
Messy situation however I will survive thanks to friends.:

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