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Monday, November 21, 2016

Swedish girl is now a Finnish girl

The 'moving back honeymoon' is over and the reality finally kicked in. I mean life in Estonia is hard, the struggle is truly real. The things that seemed normal before, do not feel so anymore. I'm not here to complain, but Sweden has ruined me for good. Lately I have been disappointed by the Estonian healthcare system, public transport, the mentality of Estonians overall and don't get me started with pay numbers. I know that the life I achieved in Stockholm did not come easy, I struggled hard before getting a job and so on, however I felt so much happier there daily, there were much less stress. Even on the busiest day I didn't feel that stressed as I do here in Estonia on a normal 'easy' day. 
I don't mean work-stress, I mean: 
"how do I get to work after I missed the bus that runs every hour" stress
"how can I get my sick-leave running as the doctor is not answering  the phone and maybe I have cancer, but got an appointment one year from now" stress
"I work as much as I did in Sweden, I am useful and skilled, I am the same person, but why do I earn three times less now" stress
"I want to have a child together with my boyfriend, but the world is a scary place" stress
and the most important
"why Netflix in Estonia has so little content, I cannot really chill" stress.
*I love my new job and my friends, so I just keep on keeping on*

Last two weeks I have been to Helsingfors more often than my lifetime combined.
At the office in Helsinki:

The marketing team.
(my boss was wearing exact same clothes as I was, great minds think alike):

In vino veritas:

After work and before hotel beauty sleep
the Estonian meets up with her dearest Muumitrolls Finns.
Erasmus love 4ever!:

Back in Tallinn and the Sunday dinner tradition with dear friends.
Grown-up points 100:

Sometimes I have to do Auntie chores and take my little cousin to Finland, 
despite my high fever and fear of boats. 
However the fencing tournament was badass and he looked so cute:

All the stress is gone with him.
My favourite person:

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