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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas wiggle and jiggle

Christmas 2016 in a nutshell.
(Naughty or nice?)

1. My office that consist of three people decided to have a Christmas breakfast at Tchaikovsky.
Always classy, never trashy:

The most terrible first world problem is all-you-can-eat buffet.
Cannot stop...must take more:

2. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, then the Estonias who live abroad crawl back to the Motherland. That's why I had the possibility to hug Ella and Nelson 

Strike a pose!:

3. Look what the cat dragged in from Australia.
Pam froze her ass off, since she doesn't do winter anymore:

Shitty phone picture is shitty,
but Kopli friendship is real:

4. And then there's the ginger who always is around, or at least you thought so 
until she said that she is moving to Poland. Okou!:

One glass of Limoncello later we looked even prettier:

5. Little brother came home for Christmas and needed a new Tinder profile picture:

The lack of vitamin D and thereof:

Girls just want to have funDAMENTAL rights:

I cannot believe that she is a grandmother.
She is the hottest granny there is:

Hugs and drugs:

Thinking about how naughty and/or nice we were in 2016:

"Sup, dawg?!"

6. My colleague made the coolest gingerbread-man:

6. We also tried to take a "I have a relationship and you don't!" Christmas photo:

7. Breakfast-brunch-lunch-nibble-dinner and repeat.
We escaped the Christmas feast and went to Viru bog:

Fresh air intoxication at its best:

Some kilos were gained and some presents were given.
Great success:

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