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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Look at this f***ing blogger

When I started this blog 89,9% of my best friends also had one. Having a blog was as usual as wearing underwear or brushing your teeth. Now I'm among the two people who have stuck to it, to be fair I don't wear underwear nor brush my teeth that often anymore (joke!...or is it?...)
I started the Wilma (and the Fred came along) journey as a party blog, when I was 17 and my dad went to Brazil. OH MY LORD! What a blurry time it was. Then it became my diary when I moved abroad and now it is my backup disc in case my computer explodes (or I get Alzheimer's).

Now let's see what I ate and pooped and did these last two weeks.

I went to NOA restaurant and tried to be sophisticated however I failed, 
since I showed skin between my socks and pants. The pope sent me an angry e-mail:

Foie gras slider was the starter aaaand I had a food orgasm.Yes, I made a squeaky sound while biting it (by 'it' I mean the food not Fred):

O-T was so disappointed about the food that he threw his food at the waiter and asked his money back. 
(Actually no, he just gave feedback as Estonians do: silent hate + "Thank you") 

On Sunday I was home alone. It felt nice to sleep alone. To run naked around the house and then covering myself with random rags just to photograph the sunrise (-8 degrees):

As my friends were scattered around the country, the traditional Sunday dinner was canceled.
However we did Sunday dinner the lady edition with cocktails:

My life is caps lock fabulous!:

The topics that were discussed:

Viive 46, las ta pillub oma jäsemeid, kui tahab:

Embrace your tummies, 
the Christmas is next week:

My colleagues served me Christmas Spirit straight from the holiday oven:

The office glamour at 7pm, completely dark, not a single sound.
Just the Christmas elves watching:

Best "Christmas" ad so far:

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